STop the ENEMY before they are born.
Get them where they SLEEP

No cost No excuse once you know.
Remove All Tires or store them.
Turn over unused Garbage cans or drill holes in bottom
Anything that holds water remove or turn over.

Start checking BEFORE the enemy can ve born.. New York May - September
Check after each rain storm.

Remove birds nest from interior buildings like barns garage and kennels.
CHeck with local ordaianes for bird coontrol and what is allowed legally
Never let your dog EAT a dead bird.
Birde lovvers who attract birds becoe experts on which birds carr y the WNV.
If you find dead birds follow your local contact infor for WNV
Buy Organic Dunks for any standing water puddles, ditches , huge planters.
Deet for your self not for your dogs
Gold Fish for water tanks.
Active De worming before summer begins., during and after.
or all year for others on heartguard.

Dogs dig try to keep on top of any hole big enough to hold water.
Clean Gutters, CLean Ditches

Lemon Grass
demotriwa EARTH
Bronco SPray vs advantix

Please suppor the links we provide . With each purchase when you meantion WNID . Donatons will be sent back to us for research in providing as much information you need to hhelp save your pets

It is our posiiton that spraying may not work and or cause more damage by adding toxins to athomphone . The same athomsoten we feel is comprised due to global warming causing us to have the loss of seaons and the extenisve heat and ain fall.
Utill studies are done PROVING that spraying the area with commicls is not deteinelt to our world.  . I do not see that as a viable silultion.

As a community we all can help by following the steps above for our land.
But remember mosquitos travled 20 miles. Have a lot accoss the street? next to you? or a forcloses house? If yes PUT dunks in those ditches create of wall thou thempory of reducing the bugs areound your home.

Pass the word around visit a family member? see a tire fulled with stangnatn want?
Tell them remove it and help save a life be it human dog or their own,
No Cure Prevention is the Key
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