Their is NO Cure for this disease. Prevention is the only Cure.hoice
And this ifnormation is offered as educaiton in hope it will helps many.
Disclaimer it is not offered as a cure and we are NOT resposible if it does NOT work.

Symptoms vary depending on dog or horse.

Proloug: Our Confirmed WNV :Symptoms 6 year old healthy female dog ,
Whelped Litter 6 weeks before onset/ Lost entire undercoat during whel;ping
Was not dewromed wile she was pregnant. Dewormed with ivestmin prior.
Litter had no dead puppies and was uneventfull. Easy whelp easy care.
Being Fed tashe of Wild dog food
Negative Test for Heart Work and Leyme, NEgative on Blood work for cancers.
Original Diagnosis was Tick Tockosis. NO tick every found,.
Called groomers for 20 miles NO tick issues. 14 years never saw tick here.
Dog was kept on deck  with doggie door prior to whelp and was only allowed outside to pee. during bite.
Pups raised indoors.
Weahter was the worse rain fall in  years for this area.
Mosquitos came early in June.
Mud was found in tires moved by dog in digging proper to whelp.
All tires were removed

Symptoms :Acute paralysia front left leg, dragging both front and back legs on left sid, front leg worse,arched back, sligth fever of 102.8=103..5, circling when trying to lay down average 10-20x per set, walking, i muscle weekness can get knocked over if a dog passes too close.. neck stiffness and pain when I would elevate head to pillow
moving in circles when out in open.  Off reguler temperament very needy.
Swlling oTotal lack of corndaiation.
f spein between hip bones, drolling not excessive but bed wet when gets up,
Later body tremors when awake and running in sleep when sleeping.

After Steroids 4 days - 80 Mgs  Predenisce for 100pound dog  swelling went down on spine. some strength improved, front left leg still dragging , arching of back went down.
sligth bumps on spine, still very needy but is feeing better. Fever goes up with exciability, Stays low ith rest. Any change in routine, moving ot, lher dogs, hubby comes home, sets up a 10 min barking session with no real pointa

However these steps have saved our dogs and others as well.
We have the 1st case that was tested for WV within 2 days of  symptoms.
T Day 1 Doyslitne for 3 weeks
Day 2 80 mgs of Preds  4 days , and the dog grew strongersreatmetnt of sterids predendize 80mgs 36 hours after
our educated guess .IS why our dog is doing very well on day 39,
a older do wth seroids for severe acute arthisweANd we treated wth Steroids within 36 hours .
Thus the postive end result unlike other cases we suspect our dog will not have bliness onwt

However we will list what has worked for us in DOGS.
This advice should NOT be taken in ley of  medical treatment.
You must go to your vet if you want to save your dog/

Symptoms one or more each case is different,

Acute paryalms from left leg, dragging the leg , lack of muslce cordinaiton.
movement in a ciculer motion.

Neck pain, soreness
Sligth fever
disorediatnaion, over excityabilty without reason
Symptoms & Treatment
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