Confirmed Cases
West Nile in Dogs
If you have any updates on these dogs please inform us.

Warning VETS CLaim it does NOT happen in dogs ,
Dogs are rarely tested for west nile missdianosed
bAsed on millseaind missian information presented to them.
This duisease presents different ly iin each dog depending on age,breed size, and preesisting conditions you may not even know are there- till west nile hits.
THen when a dog recovers no one bothers to TEST for it,

2009 July New York 6 Year old Intact Female dog New York read blog.
Suruved NO damage- Got treastment within 36 hours of syptoms , TEsted for WNV day 6
2007 Oregon 2 Poodles Survived treat with DSO and Steriods. Bacl leg pain circling to rigth later unable to stand and seizures . Final Survived Blind in one eye and some damage to legs/. cat San and mri was incolusive

2003 JUly Michigan'10 year old Irish Setter. Neck stiffness midle deprssion , no prior illlness or isses.Seizures and rear leg weekness. Recovered fully no ifo on treatment and ow long it took to treat.
2003 5 Michigan Year old Lab with prioer immune  issues.appears to be recoveerd

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This page was last updated: September 17, 2009
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The Most important Study of WNV i dogs/cats
Why cause they did a range of testing
sugest that WNV is readiling in fected in dogs and cats

))))))))))) IN natural ares of WNV

Jan 2004 CDC Study inside
4 dogs and Cats.
Cats were allowed to digest infected mice resulting in vinema.
Dogs were bittin average 10 x in one day .

1999 New York

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