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It is our opinion based on our confirmed case of West Nile in dogs.
(+ symtons in other animals that were not confirmed based on conribiutin ffactors.
That this is indeed  more common in dogs then anyone is leading us to believe.
We believe dgs every day are bit by the same WNV as humans or horses are.
And we are pulling the handle on a slot machine hoping that they do not get sick and die.
IF I had this knowledge before hand I would of taken many steps to reduce the chances of my dogs being bitten by mosquits.
The process of testinga and confirmation is so pain statking and expeniseve , that simply the cases are there daily b- just not reported,

We found this during our quest.
No information on the handfull of "confrimed " cases of what worked in those dogs.
Total lack of concern from any state or scnience orgnaizaion.
"untill it s confirmed " they dont care.
Vet schools testing my dogs blood wont let me speak to the WNV unless I am a Vet.
Even thou I am the one that figured it out.
Fear from official;s to send panic about a confirmed cases.
Lack of information available to most Docters,
Do you know if if a case is confirmed no alert or update is ever sent to other Dr's

Mis dianosed or wrong is based on.
Older dogs that get it are either just deemed ld and time to put them down.
Expsnice Cats scans MRi are worthless. Bloodwork basic in house does nt show infection since it is BVilIpusS and an
Or if the older dog has a pre existing condition it is blamed on a flare up.
Because the signs of WNV mimics so many other diseases including TIck Tockoos.
And who is going to pay 600 for a autopsy on a 12 year old dog?
Wthout testing for WNV you simply assumed it is something else
Symtoms matching pre existing or unknown conditions,that .
Cost Prohibitve for testing, for  autpsy. 
ASSUMING that if you OLD dog gets Sick that it is AGE related
West nile is killing dogs and we dont know it..

Symptoms we  have seen" We learned every dog or horse ir human will present differently
So you will not get a exact match on every symtom.

This disease can be reduced or prevented . No cure just KNOWLEDGE can save any living creature

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Where you aware thet dogs get WNV?
NO but now I am
Yes I will pass this WV along to help

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